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    Real Estate, Made Easy!

    Real Estate agents need to ensure that their real estate buyers never have to go through the trouble of searching for your business again.

    The app from Homes Made Easy automatically updates your real estate property listings, so they can find their dream home in an instant!

    Real Estate Agents need to keep up with modern trends but it is often difficult to find the time. At Homes Made Easy, we do the work for you and give your clients access to your full real estate portfolio for the app and much more, when they need it, without the workload normally involved in a home search.

    How do we do it? Read on to find out more about the app …

    Universal Access

    With our real estate apps, it doesn’t matter what phone model you have! Real Estate Agents can now take advantage of the new technologies that all of our real estate apps utilise. The app can be installed directly on your phone without the need of third-party app stores and are always up-to-date regardless of technological advancement.

    Bespoke Design

    Customise your real estate app to ensure it is tailored towards the needs of your customers and perfect for them conducting their home search. Our interface gives real estate agents the opportunity to augment the app to the needs of their real estate agency and we guarantee that our platform will only provide a positive experience for all home search and real estate agent users!


    The app is the ultimate for real estate agents who want to increase the visibility of their real estate agency, but cannot afford a business-specific phone application. We work on an affordable service policy which ensures that, through our monthly fee, we keep costs low for the people that matter … You!

    Exciting, Ingenious, and Effective

    With an exciting new real estate app from Homes Made Easy, you are one step closer to solving all the real estate exposure problems you never realised that you had.

    The app gives opportunity for real estate agents like you, who need to increase their reach in the digital age. The app allows you to do things your way rather than following what everyone else using real estate apps has done before!

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    Sleek Modern Look

    User Friendly Interface

    Fully Customisable

    Full Branding Options

    Multiple External Integrations

    Dedicated Account Manager

    Exceptional Customer Service

    Affordable for All

    Instantaneous Problem Notifications

    All New Development Technology

    Compatible with All Devices

    No Updates Required ... Ever

    Real Person Customer Service

    Proactive Development .. Always

    Your App, Your Way!

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    If you are a real estate agent, your home search clients will be able to access all of your property listings from the app on their smart phones with one of the best, bespoke, real estate apps from Homes Made Easy. Having one of our affordable & ingenious real estate apps for your real estate business allows potential buyers to search for their ideal property right from the palm of their hand!

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    Check out some of the wonderful reviews that our Homes Made Easy clients have left for us about their experience of our real estate apps.

    We work really hard to give all our clients the best experience possible with our real estate apps so it is amazing to receive such excellent feedback and great reviews from so many of our real estate agent clients!

    W L Costa Properties

    I love that the designers and owners are always developing and improving the application all the time with different features and upgrades to enhance the experience to the end user. I am so happy that I signed up for the application and my customers are very impressed with how easy it is to use and navigate to find their property in the sun. I can only see growth in the future and I am very happy to be part of this technology. The marketing has been fantastic with the QR Code displayed everywhere on all my promotional material. Keep up the good work guys

    Warner Laurie Director

    Rose Estates

    The Homes Made Easy APP has been a great asset to marketing our business and our targeted property selections. The APP has worked well along side our marketing promotions and clients have given us very positive feedback. Looking forward to a bright future with Homes Made Easy!!

    Mark Rose Owner


    The "Homes Made Easy" APP has worked wonders for our company. The APP is fast and the navigation is easy. You can choose area, property type and price range very fast and immediately you have a large selection of property listings on the Costa del Sol. We highly recommend the "homes made easy APP" to anyone interested in promoting their business efficiently and at a reasonable cost. All the best from us at

    Nicholas Christensen Head Of Sales

    Witt España Estates

    We joined the “Homes Made Easy” in April 2021. It has given us the easiest possible way to have our "own" app with all properties for sale on Costa del Sol. We have included the QR code in all marketing and SOME, business cards etc. and that has given us amazingly 38500 hits on out app in just 5 month.... and that’s raising month by month. It's a very easy way for your clients to browse from the mobile or tablet. I can highly recommend homes made easy.

    Tobber Witt Owner

    W L Costa Properties

    I have been using the Homes Made Easy app from the very start, when I was contacted from the consultant I was looking for something similar for my business. The costs to design and implement was non-viable for me at the time due to the pandemic and uncertainty of the world. The presentation was very professional and showed me the vision that the developer has for the application and to get this for a nominal fee every month this to me was a good business investment. The app has helped me grow my business with over 3,000 subscribers now and growing every day it is the easiest application to view properties on demand.

    Warner Laurie Director

    Don't be the last one to show up to the party!

    Homes Made Easy is the perfect real estate app that every estate agent should offer as part of their service. It is meticulously designed to make it easy for buyers to find homes quickly in their home search. our real estate apps give access to all your listings from their smart phone, tablet or desktop straight away … it’s one of the most streamline marketing options for your real estate agency.

    Real estate apps are the future of property listing, the future of buying and selling of real estate. Giving real estate clients easy access to property listings on the go so that you can take more time to run your real estate agency and get properties of the market quicker.

    The app makes real estate simpler so you can realise the full range of benefits, as a real estate agent, from up-to-date modern technology and more.

    It’s easy to sign up and we are here to help, and can help extend your real estate agency fully into the modern era.




    Meet The App You’ve Been Waiting For

    A prospective home buyer is more likely to buy from you if they are already picturing themselves living in that home. This means that the work that you do, as a real estate agent, beforehand can make or break a sale.

    The clients ability to view themselves in a home starts as soon as they first see a property, which is usually on a digital listing. Therefore, you need to make sure that your real estate listings are always the ones they see first.

    That’s why having a Homes Made Easy app is so important to your business. 

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