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    Features & Benefits: Overview

    Easy to Use Mobile App

    We’ve made our real estate agent bespoke apps so easy to use and intuitive, with a simple interface that is designed around your needs. This is the only app that a Real Estate Agent will ever need for the property listings and their business.

    We’re constantly adding new features and updates based on feedback from our users to ensure that our one click functionality will never be beaten. The task management as a real estate agent on-the-go will be as streamlined as possible.

    Features & Benefits: The App
    More Calls

    If you want to get phone calls directly from customers on your real estate app then this is the app that can help your business

    Integrated Search

    If you want potential buyers to search properties directly from the app then you need look no further

    Build your List

    If you want to have the opportunity to collect leads into your CRM app directly from a pop-up in your app ... we are here for you!

    The above alone speaks for itself! 

    Apps for real estate are increasing in popularity and our goal is to make sure that your Homes Made Easy app is always as simple to use for both you and your clients as possible.

    And due to this unique method for customer relationship management you are contactable directly from the app so there is the potential for nearly instant responses for your app users. What better customer service can a client ask for … it’s mobile to mobile baby!

    And best of all, it is a free app for the clients to use so that eliminates the resistance of cost.

    Mobile apps for any business are the way forward but with a real estate app from Homes Made Easy you always get what you need when you need it most!

    Features & Benefits: The Back office
    Always Up-To-Date

    Always Up-To-Date. Due to the use of up-to-the-minute development software, a Homes Made Easy app never needs to be actively updated for your device, regardless of how old or new it is. This means that regardless of how many potential clients have downloaded your real estate app, your online transactions and key features will always be first class.

    Never Form Over Function

    The best real estate apps ensure that functionality and customer experience are never interrupted and that is something that we at Homes Made Easy can guarantee. Your homes Made Easy real estate app will be that much of a great app.

    Automatic & Done For You

    Any new features are automatically added included in your existing app with no extra effort on your part. Real estate mobile apps continue to become more complex as technology progresses, therefore making them as simple to manage will be extremely important for both real estate agents and users because there will be constant updates happening with technology (and new models coming out).

    Extend your Real Estate Business

    Real Estate Agents need a bespoke app that acts as an extension of them as real estate agents, it needs to be as responsive as they are in their daily business … so we ensure that is always the case.

    Features & Benefits: The App

    The bespoke branding of your real estate teams is vital in how you present your real estate agency in the local arena. Your branding is tailored to represent your real estate agencies core values and vision. Your logo design and associated colours have the power to convey your real estate message, create an identity that stands up against competition in real estate circles and can even change a potential customers behaviour and attitude towards your real estate business.

    Unique Experience

    This also corresponds with your need as a real estate business to attract new customers by creating a unique experience which having your own Homes Made Easy app affords. Your app can be used as a marketing tool for one prospective property or your entire property catalogue to demonstrate your expertise as well as an opportunity to streamline your real estate business.

    Get Seen

    As such, real estate agents need an app that includes and highlights the real estate agents logo & colour branding to ensure that your customers are constantly exposed to your business as a brand which ensures that you are instantly recognisable and stay in the forefront of their minds while they are actively perusing the real estate market.

    Customisable User Interface

    Mobile apps can be complicated, we’ve all experience that one app that we just don’t quite understand how to use. We want to ensure that we removed this issue entirely from any Homes Made Easy real estate app.

    Homes Made Easy always has an easy to use user interface which is good for any real estate company no matter the type or volume of property details they are displaying.

    Any home buyers or interested parties can see listing details, sales price, floor plans, unique offers and marketing campaigns of any of your property listings that are accompanied by professional photography, receive push notifications and submit online inquiries through the apps easy to use interface.

    Despite the range of features the app works in a manner that is always simple and streamlined for even the most novice mobile device user.

    What is even better is that even small companies with a very limited budget can get in on the increase in real estate mobile apps and have a well-designed Homes Made Easy real estate app with a user friendly UI. This can be done by outsourcing your design and development to Homes Made Easy, and we’ll work with you as the real estate agent to create a streamlined and intuitive mobile app that you’ll love.

    Features & Benefits: The Back Office
    Always Online

    If any of your customers were to go to your Homes Made Easy app at the very moment you are reading this webpage, they will be able to access your entire property portfolio through your app.</p> <p>One of the benefits of having a Homes Made Easy app is that it never goes offline. The Homes Made Easy apps are all powered by the latest developing technology so even if there is an outage in your area, you can still use your app to reach your customers and answer their enquires.

    Social Sharing

    With the ability to share content directly from your Homes Made Easy app to social media, it makes it easier for you, your followers and your customers to see what's new at with your Estate Agent.</p> <p>You can also promote your favourite properties and all of the new properties we've added in our app. Sharing with your followers also helps keep them engaged with your agency through updates on the latest listings!

    Custom Links

    Homes Made Easy app has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to build custom links so you can share a range of information to your users straight through the app.</p> <p>It's never been easier than it is now to provide bespoke, relevant information to potential buyers and sellers than with a bespoke Homes Made Easy app.

    Pop Up to Stand Out!

    Homeowners and buyers are always looking for a good real estate agent, but it can be hard to get their attention. One of the best ways to get their attention is by using pop-ups on your app for lead generation.

    These pop-up messages will show up when someone visits your app and they’re perfect for lead generation and lead management so that your lead process is streamlined like the rest of your real estate business.

    Real estate agents are increasingly competing in a busy industry and all the previous “best apps” on the market are expensive and there are often hidden costs.

    Whereas a real estate mobile app from Homes Made Easy ensures that it has all the features you need to increase your business and revenue while enabling customer relationship management or your business that keeps clients committed to your real estate business. We are the app builders that the real estate market has been crying out for.

    A Homes Made Easy app has this pop-up function built in making it a powerful crm app as well as everything else so that you can use it to actively capture leads from potential customers using your real estate mobile app.

    Let’s face it, you are a busy agent, but with this awesome function you’ll never have trouble getting potential clients contact information again!

    Promotional Banners

    So, we wanted to update the design of our app and create a new and engaging promotional banner. However, we wanted to do so in a way that made it easy for estate agents to update and communicate all their latest promotions and information.</p> <p>Thus, we came up with an idea for an easy-to-update promotional banner. We wanted to design something whereby our business customers can just add content whenever they want by the simple press of a button. This way, when people visit their Homes Made Easy app they’ll see different content, depending on when they come back to check it.

    Video Integration

    One of the benefits of having seamless video integration into a Homes Made Easy real estate app is that it makes it easy for buyers and sellers to engage in the buying and selling process. It also helps with home inspections as well as walkthroughs of homes available.</p> <p>There is no better sales tool than the use of video to put the clients directly into the property before they actually step foot into it. This warms them to the property and lets them decide if the home is potentially for them or not. This can cut down on your workload and also increase client satisfaction. This functional is a win-win.

    Multi Language Integration

    We all know that having a real estate mobile app is important for any business, but it can be expensive and time-consuming to have an app in multiple languages, which all the best apps have.</p> <p>However, Homes Made Easy has solved this problem by creating a one-stop shop for real estate agents with a bespoke mobile app that can be available in English, Spanish, French and German, as well as a range of other languages, at the click of a button.</p> <p>We've saved our customers thousands on mobile app development costs while providing them with the same quality service they and their real estate team members deserve.

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