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    Features & Benefits: The App

    Frontend App Features

    Your Own App

    Branded Loading Screen

    Personalised QR

    “Favourite” Property Feature

    Choice of Install Screen

    3 Types of Property Cards

    Direct Enquiries

    Multi-select Property Search

    Multilingual Front End

    Instagram Integration

    Pinterest Integration

    Google Maps

    Virtual Tours

    Branded App Icon

    Direct Call Feature

    Promotional Banners

    Direct Enquiries

    Branded Splash Screen

    Custom Colours

    WhatsApp Enquiry

    Contact Form

    Facebook Integration

    Linkedin Integration

    VK Integration


    Image Galleries

    Installed quickly & easily via their custom link or an easy to scan QR code, clients can be browsing properties within seconds of accessing the application.

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    Frontend App Features


    Promote what matters to your clients

    We are proud to announce that all our apps come with the promotional feature as standard. Simply log into your back office, and within a few clicks you can be promoting the properties you want to sell on the banner found within the frontend of your app.

    Property Cards

    3 Ways To Display Your Properties.

    We are constantly looking for ways for our Agents to add that personal touch to their application. It is important to stand out from your competition, this is one way to achieve this. We give you a choice of 3 different styles so you can display your properties how you want to your customers.

    Multiselect Property Search

    Let the client decide what they want

    Give your client the opportunity to find exactly what they want using the lightning fast, multiselect search system. search area’s, property types, number of bedrooms and custom price ranges, if required.

    My Agency Needs An App!


    QR codes represent a lifeline for direct marketers looking to connect with an increasingly mobile, online audience.


    Your clients can gain access, install and start using your corporate Application by simply: Scanning the QR CODE or Using your CUSTOM LINK / URL found within your back office.

    Everything, Unified and Made Easy

    Communication it key!

    Communication between you and your clients is essential for every estate agency in the world. Homes Made Easy makes receiving communications and leads, well, easy! Our app utilises a wide array modern communication methods including, facebook, twitter, linkedin, SMS, email, WhatsApp and more!

    Direct Call Enquiries

    WhatsApp Enquiries

    Email Enquiries

    Direct Contact

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    We’ve taken care of the headaches and costs of… design, development, testing, hosting and updates !

    Universal Compatibility As Standard

    Installable on over 92% of the worlds browsers, and every modern mobile device, we make applications not only accesable, but affordable. Installed quickly & easily via their custom link or an easy to scan QR code, clients can be browsing properties within seconds of accessing the application from almost any device you can think of! Compatibility is never a problem when it comes to getting your app onto your clients phone!

    Apple iOS (iPhone)

    Android OS

    Mac OSX

    Apple iPad OS

    Chrome OS

    Windows OS

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