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    Your Homes in their Hands!

    Homes Made Easy create a bespoke property listing platform for your Real Estate Agency in the digital space that remains in the sights of potential buyers 24/7. As such, your property listings and updated offerings follow the potential real estate buyers around, in their pockets, notifying them of updates when necessary.

    This creates a virtual community around your Real Estate Agency and can be used by you in an individual manner to engage that community at your leisure. This will make you the first port of call for all their property needs.

    Furthermore, because the app can be connected to the largest online property sources, even if the property listing is not specifically listed with your agency, the buyer is still going to come to you to deliver that property to them for viewing and potential purchase. Real estate agents need never miss a sale again!

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    Meet The Team

    Our wonderful team of experts in their field work exceptionally hard to guarantee that your Homes Made Easy experience is top notch!

    Graham Manuel
    Managing Director & Founder

    Graham is a highly experienced managing director and well respect entrepreneur who is responsible for the start-up of a number of recognisable global business. Driven by a desire to make products and services more functional and streamline for the business and the client, Graham takes pride in delivering customer focused industry-specific solutions that benefit users at all stages of the client journey. With niche experience in the fields of marketing, real estate, digital services and mobile business development it was almost inevitable that Homes Made Easy would become a flagship in his business portfolio, providing quality, bespoke, user-focused real estate apps for real estate agents to enable them to streamline their property listing offerings whilst giving an amazing end-point user experience to those on their home search.

    Carol Bull
    Personal Assistant to the MD

    Since a young age Carol has been a noteworthy leader in everything related to administration and office management having demonstrated exceptional knowledge and skill in a range of high-level environments. Carol’s contributions have culminated in her current position where she is a lynchpin in the mechanics of Homes Made Easy. Her exceptional drive, organisation and clarity of thought ensure that all aspects of the business are fulfilled to exacting standard for the benefit of the team and the client. Carol has specific skills in the areas of leadership, team management, sales and communication which she executes to exacting standards within her role. She is fundamental to the progress and development of Homes Made Easy.

    Daniel Horrobin
    Chief Technology Officer

    Daniel is an extremely experienced technical wizard with a range of knowledge and skills across the plethora of digital environments. Throughout his career Daniel has refined his innate ability in the technological field and handled high level business digital processes across design, coding, and maintenance. With experience in digital services which cover the niches of e-commerce, CRM, website sight and app design, he has the specific skills to ensure that any Homes Made Easy real estate app has a robust development process which ensures its security and stability whilst maintaining a user-friendly client interface on both the client showing and back-end environments. Daniel has lent his technological prowess to businesses in the fields of Education, Legal, Media and 3D app design but his most prominent work was with the design and development of interactive real estate window systems which put him in the perfect stead for being the guiding technical hand for the Homes Made Easy real estate app brand.


    Check out the testimonials from some of the real estate app clients that have made exceptional use of their Homes Made Easy app.

    We work really hard to give all our clients the best experience possible so it is amazing to receive such excellent feedback and great review from so many of our real estate agent clients!

    W L Costa Properties

    I love that the designers and owners are always developing and improving the application all the time with different features and upgrades to enhance the experience to the end user. I am so happy that I signed up for the application and my customers are very impressed with how easy it is to use and navigate to find their property in the sun. I can only see growth in the future and I am very happy to be part of this technology. The marketing has been fantastic with the QR Code displayed everywhere on all my promotional material. Keep up the good work guys

    Warner Laurie Director

    Rose Estates

    The Homes Made Easy APP has been a great asset to marketing our business and our targeted property selections. The APP has worked well along side our marketing promotions and clients have given us very positive feedback. Looking forward to a bright future with Homes Made Easy!!

    Mark Rose Owner


    The "Homes Made Easy" APP has worked wonders for our company. The APP is fast and the navigation is easy. You can choose area, property type and price range very fast and immediately you have a large selection of property listings on the Costa del Sol. We highly recommend the "homes made easy APP" to anyone interested in promoting their business efficiently and at a reasonable cost. All the best from us at

    Nicholas Christensen Head Of Sales

    Witt España Estates

    We joined the “Homes Made Easy” in April 2021. It has given us the easiest possible way to have our "own" app with all properties for sale on Costa del Sol. We have included the QR code in all marketing and SOME, business cards etc. and that has given us amazingly 38500 hits on out app in just 5 month.... and that’s raising month by month. It's a very easy way for your clients to browse from the mobile or tablet. I can highly recommend homes made easy.

    Tobber Witt Owner

    W L Costa Properties

    I have been using the Homes Made Easy app from the very start, when I was contacted from the consultant I was looking for something similar for my business. The costs to design and implement was non-viable for me at the time due to the pandemic and uncertainty of the world. The presentation was very professional and showed me the vision that the developer has for the application and to get this for a nominal fee every month this to me was a good business investment. The app has helped me grow my business with over 3,000 subscribers now and growing every day it is the easiest application to view properties on demand.

    Warner Laurie Director

    Immediate Access

    The driving passion behind Homes Made Easy is to give all Real Estate Agents, regardless of size, the potential, possibilities, and opportunities to increase mobile access to their listings immediately.

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    Community Growth

    Homes Made Easy enables you to create, extend, and grow a recognised community of buyers and sellers that proactively promote your agency. The access and immediacy that a Homes Made Easy app provides your Real Estate Agency gives you increase authority and ensures that you gain repeat business and consistent recommendations.

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    Sleek & Unique

    Your app interface is guaranteed to be user-friendly and aesthetically appealing with a range of available customisation options to suit your agency at different moments in your business development.

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