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    Never miss a potential client ever again. We have designed and developed tools for you, the Estate Agent, to start isolating & to capture property buyers and sellers. With the big listing sites (Rightmove, Idealista, Kyero & others) it’s a game of chance. Take roulette for example, a bet is placed on a number, every time the wheel is spun (a property search) there’s a small chance it will land on that number (your property / agency). However, every time the player spins, there’s a higher chance they will land on another number (another agents property / agency) at this stage you’ve lost the client, and the house wins. We want to rig the game in your favor, by making you the house so when they spin, they will always land on you. Giving you odds of 100%, of keeping the enquiries received from buyers that sell and vendors that buy!

    Why Do YOU Lose Up To 95% Of Your Enquiries?


    Research shows that you, as an Estate Agency convert between 1-5% of your enquiries.


    Be by your potential buyers / vendors side through-out their home buying journey, 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Create increased activity & higher engagement all while increasing the opportunity for more sales & listings. Can you afford not to take a look?

    Start Retaining Clients Today

    Lead Qualifying… MADE EASY!

    Once a new lead has been generated, how much time is spent chasing, calling or emailing, for the sole purpose of qualifying that enquiry?

    We are reducing the barriers and bringing to you, direct qualified leads, who are telling you the location, budget, type, size and so much more

    No more time, money or effort wasted pursuing clients to qualify, just the opportunity to dive straight into a potential sale.

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