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    Terms Of Service (hme-in)

    Homes Made Easy / Terms Of Service (hme-in)

    Effective, 14/11/22

    1. Network Agents agree that they will only submit a property for sharing on the Network if:
      1. they have a binding listing and commission agreement signed by the property owner or their legal representative; and
      2. that the property is not from a 3rd party agent or intermediary, with the exception of bank repossessions
    2. Network Agents are responsible for the content and accuracy of their own property listings on the Homes Made Easy Network and exempt Apps Made Easy S.L from any liability arising as a consequence of inaccurate listing content.
    3. It is prohibited to copy property descriptions or photos from other agents’ listings.
    4. Property listings will not contain false information (e.g. false photos, prices, property sizes, descriptions, features, or addresses).
    5. Property descriptions cannot contain any identifying details such as names, company names, telephone numbers, websites, links to videos, property street names, urbanization, complex or building names, or any information that can easily lead a 3rd party to go direct to the property. We retain the right to use our discretion to accept or not accept a property description.
    6. Property information will be kept up-to-date.
    7. Properties from a 3rd party agent or intermediary must be set as Not Shared and will be available only to the listing agent.


    1. A property listing must contain a minimum of one internal photograph of the listed property.
    2. Photographs uploaded to a property listing should be those taken by the listing agent or their staff or provided to the listing agent directly by the property owner.
    3. It is prohibited to copy photographs from other agents’ listings.
    4. Photographs cannot contain watermarks of the company name, logos, name, initials, phone number, website, For Sale signs, images of company cars, or any information identifying the listing agency or property owner.



    This agreement remains in effect until cancelled in writing by either party or the property is removed from the Network.


    Member Agents’ Details

    1. The public contact details displayed in the system are provided by each Member Agent for the purpose of Member Agents carrying out their day-to-day real estate collaboration activities such as making specific property/client inquiries, viewing appointments, etc via ReSales-Online.
    2. As per the regulations on commercial communications (art. 21 LSSI), it is forbidden to use these details to compile email or marketing lists. Especially the use of this data for sending commercial communications of any kind without the express consent of the agent.



    Right to Refuse Service

    Apps Made Easy S.L is a private company that provides services that involve a trust relationship, therefore we reserve the right to unilaterally refuse to provide services to any Member Agent or account applicant without the need for any further explanation.


    The main goal of the Network is to provide agents with a platform to work together rather than against each other, and as such Apps Made Easy S.L will cancel access to the Network Version of the software (either permanently or temporarily) for agents who engage in the following unacceptable practices:


    1. received an inquiry for a property that is not their listing and tried to contact the owner without written permission from the listing agent;
    2. been introduced to another agent’s buying or renting client then tried to contact that client directly, without written permission from the introducing agent; or
    3. repeatedly breach any of the Terms and Conditions in this document.

    Note that an agent may initially receive a warning that subsequent violations will result in the cancellation of their account. Warnings will be issued at Apps Made Easy S.L discretion.



    1. Neither Apps Made Easy S.L, nor its employees, shall be liable to the Member Agent under or in connection with this agreement for any loss of business, contracts, profits, anticipated profits, savings or data, or for damage to hardware and software, or for any indirect, special or consequential loss or damage whatsoever.
    2. Apps Made Easy S.L is not responsible for the content of Homes Made Easy. The content is owned and provided by the Network Agents and while Apps Made Easy S.L will do its best to ensure its accuracy, this cannot be guaranteed.
    3. Apps Made Easy S.L is excluded from any liabilities that may arise due to any errors or omissions in property listings provided by the Network Agent.



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