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    Why Do I Need A Real Estate App?

    Real Estate Agents must keep up with the emerging needs of the market

    The best way to do it?

    … through a bespoke Real Estate App!

    Especially with the best real estate professionals capitalising on their potential buyers new home obsession that sees them take to their smartphones to search homes that are available on the market!

    How To Keep Up

    Surpass other Real Estate Agents by increasing client retention, loyalty and enable them to search homes as well through your own bespoke, easy to use, Real Estate App.

    Your App, Your Way

    Our Real Estate apps are made by Real Estate Agents, for Real Estate Agents!

    Normally reserved for big companies with funds, resources and time, Homes Made Easy levels the playing field and gives all Real Estate Agents access to this technology as well.

    We create, build and deliver an app for you. It’s the perfect Real Estate App. Affordable, user friendly and the most attainable way to communicate with your clients with their home search to give them amazing service and to help them find homes.

    Your Logo

    Your Brand

    Your App

    Your Properties

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    We have created the best real estate app for your business allows you to relax while we take care of all the stressful, time-consuming work.

    Like other real estate apps, we have streamlined the process of having and running your own real estate business app, however our real estate app do it in a more user-friendly way! The app has an easy to use management panel can help you stay in control of your real estate app at all times.


    With over 7 year's integrating property search systems, you can rest assured, we have handled all the research for you!


    Focused on customization, You can choose a style and feel that works for you!


    Continuous development ensures you get all the new updates & features without having to hire a development team

    Make Your Life Easier!

    While real estate agents are still key in the home buying process, home buyers and real estate investors are increasingly looking to do more leg work online and review many more property listings before involving real estate experts. A study from the National Association of Realtors showed that 92% of buyers use the internet to begin their house hunting quest, driving home the vital need for real estate agents to have an active online presence specifically in the form of a property app.

    The app can help you better connect with your potential clients because if you’re not active, engaging, and networking online, then you’re missing out.

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    Everything, In Once Place!

    Real Estate Agents having the best property app available to them means that home buyers can conduct their home search and find homes on the go, directly on the app.

    Your Real Estate App is easy to use and can help you give access to the market at all time of the day. All your property listings and much more are accessible from one handy place.

    Pop-up Promotions

    Have a property you want to sell fast? Our new Pop-up Promotion is one of the best ways to get that real estate property into the eyes of potential buyers. Linked with our powerful share tools you can easily create a Pop-up promotion then instantly share on your favourite social platform

    Social Media Integration

    All your social media platforms, in one place, giving your clients one of the easiest methods to access your social media profiles within your real estate app. Easily access to platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more with only a few taps!

    Instant, One-Click Sharing

    We know as real estate agents that it’s hard to find time to share your properties to social media, so we provide you with one of the best tools within your Apps’ admin panel to give you one click property sharing directly to your clients using social media, SMS and email, directly from your dashboard!

    Don’t Take Our Word For It, Here What Our Clients Think!

    W L Costa Properties

    I love that the designers and owners are always developing and improving the application all the time with different features and upgrades to enhance the experience to the end user. I am so happy that I signed up for the application and my customers are very impressed with how easy it is to use and navigate to find their property in the sun. I can only see growth in the future and I am very happy to be part of this technology. The marketing has been fantastic with the QR Code displayed everywhere on all my promotional material. Keep up the good work guys

    Warner Laurie Director

    Rose Estates

    The Homes Made Easy APP has been a great asset to marketing our business and our targeted property selections. The APP has worked well along side our marketing promotions and clients have given us very positive feedback. Looking forward to a bright future with Homes Made Easy!!

    Mark Rose Owner


    The "Homes Made Easy" APP has worked wonders for our company. The APP is fast and the navigation is easy. You can choose area, property type and price range very fast and immediately you have a large selection of property listings on the Costa del Sol. We highly recommend the "homes made easy APP" to anyone interested in promoting their business efficiently and at a reasonable cost. All the best from us at

    Nicholas Christensen Head Of Sales

    Witt España Estates

    We joined the “Homes Made Easy” in April 2021. It has given us the easiest possible way to have our "own" app with all properties for sale on Costa del Sol. We have included the QR code in all marketing and SOME, business cards etc. and that has given us amazingly 38500 hits on out app in just 5 month.... and that’s raising month by month. It's a very easy way for your clients to browse from the mobile or tablet. I can highly recommend homes made easy.

    Tobber Witt Owner

    W L Costa Properties

    I have been using the Homes Made Easy app from the very start, when I was contacted from the consultant I was looking for something similar for my business. The costs to design and implement was non-viable for me at the time due to the pandemic and uncertainty of the world. The presentation was very professional and showed me the vision that the developer has for the application and to get this for a nominal fee every month this to me was a good business investment. The app has helped me grow my business with over 3,000 subscribers now and growing every day it is the easiest application to view properties on demand.

    Warner Laurie Director

    Stay In Control Of Your Application

    We provide you with your own control panel so you can make changes and even send your app, promotions and properties directly to your clients all while on the go !

    Stay In The Drivers Seat!

    We provide you with your User Interface that gives you access quick access to a wide array of your apps features such as:

    • Notifications
    • Promotions
    • Social Sharing
    • Property Sharing
    • Analytics
    • And More…
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